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My beloved brothers and sisters, following the recommendations in the angelus of his Holiness the pope on October the 10th 2021 I want to inform you that right now i am learning by heart the 10 commandements.

Every night i am going to review my day to see where and when I followed these commandements and where I did not.

After that i am going to pray for forgiveness in front of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Concerning the topic of faith, I can not speak for the rest of the world but when it comes to me personally my faith is a honest one because I have seen the miracles of the almighty through my life. 

Be assured that my faith is not a mere bargaining chip to access the kingdom of heaven as your Leader. I have faith because I have understood, I have realized and therefore now I believe.

Concerning the topic of charity, i am a charitable soul. I always had compassion for my beloved brothers and sisters wherever I went to and this is the reason why people in businness have always trusted me some even without having ever seen me face to face. Just my attitude of giving charity and my natural compassion have always been enough for people to recognize my goodness of heart and trust me with important amounts of money.

I made a promise that once I am in a better position the same compassion that i have shown through the years and the same charity that i have displayed all around me are going to continue but this time at a larger scale…

I will give to the people in need just like Jesus Christ recommended, the whole of mankind and most importantly God, know that I am not a materialistic individual.

Now in all humility  :

1-Just like the rich man In Matthew 19:16, I am humbly asking you “what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?”

2-And just like Jesus disciples in Matthew 19:27, I am humbly asking you ” what shall we have therefore?”

This afternoon, recognizing in his choice of clothing a symbol of his good will, i went and sat down with your emissary outside as a way to show you that beyond the mere words that I speak and the signs of good intentions that I show you… “in action ” I know exactly what I am doing, I stick to my word, i am making myself available to you at anytime and I am fully listening with my ears and my heart…


It is my hope that with my active contribution in our discussion as proven in the video above, we are going to reach a agreement which satisfies all the parties involved in this affairs very soon.

– Following the Angelus made by his Holiness the pope on October the 10th, I am exceptionally inviting “during this month of October” all the actors involved to sit down with !e, look for my gaze and the one who repent may obtain forgiveness for what they did in the past… The kingdom of heaven is not made for the proud nor the boastful and it does not wait for anyone. Having observed human nature I must warn you to not believe that I am giving you today a free card to keep doing wrong to me. Whatever wrong you do will automatically be punished by me. It is unfortunate that some people never learn from their mistakes.

– In order to prepare myself better and react in a adequate manner, when your emissaries are going to come see me it is important for me to know exactly on which date they will do so. Otherwise, since so far there has been a great number of false meetings, I may not welcome them the way I should be doing, there may be some misunderstanding between them and me and some inappropriate reactions.

Therefore :

3- I am humbly asking you what is the definitive date when your emissaries are going to come visit me ?

4- Is it necessary for me to choose right now my host country and my interlocutor or should I wait for the emissaries to come visit me first before making this choice ?

– It is with great pleasure that i see that the Catholics in the USA are United in their advocacy for increasing the refugee cap and changing the polarity of the country.

May the most high bless the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, their efforts are noticed by me and won’t be forgotten.

Know that i respect this increase of the refugee cap to the number of 125000 and I am not against settling down in the USA if possible.

I have just added your Twitter account on my twitter list Vatican Quang Luc vo. If you need my intervention in anything please feel free to just let me know.

– I remembered today a very short experience in Indonesia that I had with a young woman which led me to the realization that women are the real pivot point within the family and throught them societal changes can be more easily achieved. 

This experience that I had led to the creation of one of my first statements released to the public, this statement called for encouraging the education of women.

The articles that you released on the international day for girls revealed to me that boy child are more preferred and more privileged than girl child in our society. 

From what I have seen so far it seems to me that women are Red and male are Blue. I really deplore the life conditions that women endure in territories such as Afghanistan. 

Additionally i may possibly share the vision of some among you that a more colorful and feminine leadership in the USA would do good for this territory.

Therefore :

5- I am humbly asking you to confirm to which color belong girl childs ? So that I can use my authority in order to solve some of these problems of women education and privileges.

– It is my understanding that the Red formation is against abortion and that on December the 01st 2021 there is going to be a hearing of arguments by the supreme Court on this matter that could have a impact on our affairs. Therefore as your Leader already knowing my position against abortion you can count on me to use my authority in this direction on the 01 December.

– Within the next weeks I will start attending the Catholic mass every Sunday and also take the holy communion.

It is my hope that by this contribution that I do as your Leader all the Christians around the world no matter their denominations will remember that they are brothers and sisters on the common pilgrimage towards the goal of communion.

– As your Leader It came to my understanding that some people would like for me to play the role of Mary the mother of Jesus.

I do not know exactly how does the underlying system running this world work but I know for sure that I want the best position within the Red that I deserve as your Leader… 

If it means being considered as Mary then we can discuss about it but if Mary is lesser in the hierarchy than what I deserve as your Leader… logically I will not accept this role.

Therefore know I have acknowledged your proposal, I am not against it but until I receive more official information I can not express myself further on this topic.

I have also received some information that my presence is creating a conflict of hierarchy with some entities within the Red formation, know that this is with this knowledge in mind that I will be listening to your proposals.

From Wednesday at 8pm Abidjan time to Thursday at 8pm I will be looking in your Twitter posts for your answers to these matters.

Thank you.

May the Creator and protect you.

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