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My beloved brothers and sisters, in the bible when God ordains a man he usually gives him a new name as a symbol of the promise that is going to be fulfilled through that individual…

In his second coming  it is said that Jesus Christ mission is to lead the world into the fight against the forces of evil and bring the world into a new age, just like he himself fought and has been the Victor over sin and death.

In the second coming of Christ, the anointed bears many names each of them denoting a particular attribute vested in his person but there is a name that “no man knew, but he himself”. 

Despite it being stated like for everybody else on my ID card, as your Leader I have been asked for my name several times…

Victor… That was the name of the first Pope born in Africa.

Victor… That was the name chosen by the early Christian’s for their children’s as a eternal reminder of what they have been witnesses.

Victor… That is the name which denotes the most important quality of Jesus during his mission.

Victor… This is the spell of good fortune for the benefit of everyone that we are going to wish everytime that we pronounce that name.

Victor… This is the embodiment of “the indomitable hope” and “perseverance” that is going to light the world forever even after I am gone…

Victor the name that yesterday night the Most High God has put in my mind is the name that I am going to be called from now on as your Leader.

Therefore for the sake of everyone we keep moving forward led by the Most High God… Victor.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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