Today I decided to eat something different than what i am used to be served for lunch.
While eating I realized how important it is for me to be honest
right now and clarify my position in order to avoid others clarifying it for me…

As your Leader at the moment I am busy developing my platform but at the same time I am also acknowledging several informations that are given to me.

I did not take the time to analyze yet all the informations that I have received so far, starting with the ones from the early days given by my mentor, passing by the informations given by the various insiders/whistleblowers and ending with the informations that i am receiving today.

There are several groups involved, each of them competing to give me informations but it has been proven that there is nothing preventing them from lying to me when they decide to do so.

For now please avoid listening to any politician, religious or any other groups trying to manipulate you in one direction or another “without proof of what they are telling you”.

The difference between me and them is that being the one at the forefront of the ongoing events I don’t have anything to gain from your approval of my decisions, them contrarily have a lot to gain in manipulating you.

My belief is that the contrast between good and evil has only been created by the Creator in order to allow souls to grow up and evolve. It is not a state of balance which is meant to remain forever on this planet… we are meant to collectively become mature.
And this is the main belief that drives me in my choice.
Additionally as we can all see we are at a stage in our existences which is highly favorable for a shift toward one side or another.

I may be wrong and I may be going against the benefit of all the souls who have chosen to be born on Earth. I don’t know everything yet.

I have “officially” invited the Blue and this invitation still stands, if they don’t come I will proceed with Purple as explained in my early text “until the day i am done with my analysis”.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

By Quang luc Vo

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