Within the heart of billions of Christian’s around the world ,following all the scandals that have tainted Christianity, there is a need for a renewal of faith in the God that is preached in the Church…

This renewal of faith can only happen and stand in time if we bring the light of truth otherwise this religion is doomed to vanish.

In Canada the majority of people are Christian’s, Justin Trudeau a Catholic is not afraid to say the truth and to do what is necessary in order to heal the traumas of the past.

Thousands of unmarked graves were found at the sites of former residential schools in western Canada. These graves belong to indigenous people who died of diseases such as tuberculosis in the house of God, Christian establishments mostly Catholic.

As your Leader it is my hope that in Canada, with it’s million of inhabitants and millions of Christian voters, your Leader Justin Trudeau will be allowed to continue to do his job for healing the country in collaboration with the Church :

“Let’s entrust to the Lord the souls of all those children, deceased in the residential schools of Canada,’’ the pontiff added. “Let us pray for the families and for the indigenous Canadian communities overcome by sorrow.” Francis then asked the public in the square below his window to join him in silent prayer.

In company of his Holiness the Pope I am praying for all the victims of this difficult period of history.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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