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According to the dictionary the meaning of charity is an attitude of kindness and understanding towards others…

As your Leader I do not have the need to do so at all but the same way i decided to bless the citizens of Ivory Coast I took the decision tonight to make a gesture towards the people who are currently hosting me.

1 million us dollar is a lot of money in Ivory Coast, this is the amount I pledge to give to the family currently hosting me at the signature of a deal between me and the Red formation even if they deserve to be punished instead.

This is a gesture that I make out of my own will and heart and that I am not forced to do. It is my sincere hope that it is going to satisfy their needs.

Otherwise after October the 18th 2021 this offer will permanently vanish and you will wish you could travel back in time in order to grab it… you can believe me for that.

The whole country is my witness…

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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