My beloved brothers and sisters, the deadline that was announced has now been reached.
Since I warned you in advance it is my hope that you have effectively stopped monitoring my phone and my thoughts as I recommended.
My goal is not to attack anyone but just to seems and protect my rights of privacy.

As I said before may the one who does not violate my privacy throw me the first stone.
If anyone feels that he does not deserve to be in this group may he let me know who does and I will gladly replace his photo with the photo of the other individual.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris

Nancy Pelosi

Lloyd Austin

Stephen G. Breyer

Elena Kagan

Hillary Clinton

Emmanuel Macron

Alassane Dramane Ouattara

Henri Konan Bedie

Téné Birahima Ouattara

Patrick Achi

Michel Aoun

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