This is a important day for my brothers and sisters Ivorians and for me as well because it is the day right next to my birthday. So for all of us it is a really important day.

Independence, this is something for which many people around the world whether it is in Africa, Asia, America and many other places have been fighting for at the cost of great sufferings.
Today Ivory Coast consider itself to be independent but in truth I am telling you that true Independence is first of all in the mind before being anywhere else.

Martin Luther King Jr, who killed Martin Luther King Jr ? The ones who killed Martin Luther King Jr were afro Americans.
Patrice Lumumba, who betrayed Patrice Lumumba ? The ones who betrayed Patrice Lumumba were from Africa.
During the period of slavery in Africa, who sold the African people to the European colonialists ? The ones who sold the African people as slaves were the kings and the tribal chieves from Africa.

So as you see it is important to change the mentalities before talking of Independence.
Today we do not have the same tribal chieves in Africa but we have instead politicians. These politicians tell to everyone to be acting in the interest of the African people because their skin color is black like them.

My beloved brothers and sisters do not fool yourself these politicians with the black skin have the same black skin as the ancient tribal chieves who sold their people…

Do not let yourself be fooled by this bullshit of Ivority and Africanism they try to sell you just in order to be elected.
Their actions are speaking for themselves when we see how foreigners behave in your own countries… and we see these politicians traveling to Europe at every opportunity even right before the presidential election…

They are the ones right now extorting, enslaving and using a man to the maximum they are able to before selling him as a slave to the best offerer right in front of your noses without caring about what you are thinking at all…
This is as meaningless these black slave master that you elect value your public opinion in Ivory Coast.

Do not count on these same politicians, stop being dependent on these same politicians again and again and being their puppets, start being independent in your heads.

On this day of Independence of Ivory Coast, as your Leader I decided to make a gift to the people of Ivory Coast and engage myself to give them what they want, what they deserve so that Independence is not a false concept but a reality.

As your Leader today I am OFFICIALLY affirming my will to create as soon as I will be in full ability to do so… in the country of Ivory Coast a ” 100% NON GOVERNMENTAL ” organization bearing my name Quang luc Vo which is going to act solely in the interest of the Ivorian citizens using one part of all the resources at my disposal.
This organization will act on my behalf to direct address the problems faced by the Ivorian no matter your region, your ethnicity or your social status…

Among these problems this organization is going to help in the fight against the plaguing corruption at the administrative, judiciary and law enforcement level. This is not because you are African that you must consider this way of life in corruption to be normal… Do you have so less consideration for yourselves that you find it to be normal ?

Another problem which is going to be addressed is the protection and promotion of the freedom of the press in Ivory Coast.

And using the best of my abilities this organization will be charged to nullify all the national debts that has been contracted by the country until the death of the president Felix Houphouet Boigny.

These are just some of the many problems which are going to be addressed and for which i am engaging myself today to solve throught this organization.

The official statement will be published within the next few days signed with MY OWN BLOOD and legalized.

One copy will be sent to the Ivorian presidential palace and one copy will be sent to the ex president Bedie…

As your Leader therefore on this day of Independence I am inviting everyone to stop living in dependence of these modern slave master politicians and wishing to everyone a happy and fulfilling celebration.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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