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” A person who is envious of another person’s success or gift will eventually get frustrated trying to be like the person they envy and when it is obvious that they will never become like that person, anger and hatred sets in.

At this stage, it is no longer normal because the anger and hatred can cause an individual to do something really evil to another person. Jealousy and envy is not something that one should take with levity. 

Meanwhile, the destiny of every man differs, so also is our time of manifestation is never the same.

My beloved brothers and sisters, by envy and jealousy Cain killed Abel and was cursed by the most high God. 

By jealousy and envy, Joseph brothers sold him to the salve merchants.

Do you think Abel wished for his brother to become cursed ?

Do you think Joseph wished for his brothers to die starving like animals ?


Therefore as your Leader me too i wish the best to the ones who are currently envying me and acting for my demise. I am praying for their souls, it is my hope that during the following weeks they will also learn from what I have to teach.

You shall not see your brother’s donkey or his ox fallen down by the way and ignore them. You shall help him to lift them up again.

– Deuteronomy 22:4

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

– Romans 12:15

Now all around the world please let’s pray.

– First we begin with the Lord prayer in it’s original language Ahramaic and in Latin language :

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Ahramaic :

Abun di bashmayya nethqadash shmak.

(Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name.)

Tethey malkuthak.

(Thy / Your kingdom come.)

Newe tzevyanak aykan di bashmayya af ba’ara.

(Your will be done on earth as in heaven.)

Lakhman di sunkanan yamana hav lan yoma dheyn.

(Give us (this day) our daily bread.)

Wa-shbuk lan khavine aykana, d’af hanan shbukan l’khayvine.

(And forgive us our trespasses/ debts, as we forgive our debtors.)

Ulo ellan lanisyana l’heyn atzeyl lan min beesha.

(And lead us not into temptation but deliver us /protect us from the evil one.)



Latin :

PATER noster, qui es in cœlis; sanctificetur nomen tuum: Adveniat regnum tuum; fiat voluntas tua, sicut in cœlo, et in terra. Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie: Et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris: et ne nos inducas in tentationem: sed libera nos a malo.

– And we finish with a prayer against envy and jealousy :

Lord, you taught me that envy could only bring harm and pain. You did not create this feeling, but it hurts you to see how we humans let our souls and our thoughts be consumed by envy, even in situations that would seem silly.

You have given us the strength to fight against it and let us defeat evil.

That is why today, I ask you to intercede for the soul and spirit of all sinners. Your son died on the cross for us. Please let us redeem ourselves and correct our mistakes.

Let us see that envy only brings destruction, which is always accompanied by anger and rage. Let us see those negative feelings impoverish the soul, make it more substantial and more manipulable in the face of more evil.

It protects my loved ones and me from the evil eye and envy. I can know when my life is being affected by them, but I need the courage and strength to take them entirely away from my being.

Let me feel only love, compassion, humility, and joy, for these are the feelings that remind me of your teachings and thoughts.


Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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