My beloved brothers and sisters, while you are at work, at school or outdoor with your friends and family, the existence of some people is really different from being like yours.
This is what the work of Fritz Springmeier, Svali, Unwelcome Ozian and other is uncovering…

As your Leader understand that without their work I would not be at this position today which allows me to help everyone of you a lot better.
All of us have to show them gratitude by supporting them in their life changing activities.

Please donate to deprogram wiki using bitcoin, the Bitcoin address is at the bottom of the website.


You can also help the MK UKtra and monarch survivors in the best of your abilities.
There are thousands and thousands of people like her at every level of society, at the highest and the lowest leveleither it is in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Most of these people are not even aware of it.

My beloved brothers and sisters, It is time to manifest your compassion.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

By Quang Luc vo

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