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As your Leader, I have listened with great interest to the Angelus of today October the 10th 2021.

I sincerely salute the positive message that was served to the disciples all around the world by his Holiness the Pope Francis.

As your Leader just like Jesus I also believe that it is important to see beyond materialism in order to truly grasp and enter the kingdom of heaven. This is for this reason that no matter the course that the future is going to take and how fast the kingdom of God manifests on Earth, i did not hesitate at all to make a promise to my fellow citizens of Ivory Coast that a fondation is going to be built in my name in the country entirely at my own expenses…

May God be my witness that my heart is free of materialism and may God be also the witness of my neighbors so that they can also have a chance to access the kingdom of heaven, the sooner the better.

Similar to the citizens of Ivory Coast, be aware that in the future by my presence among them any community whether it is the Christian Church or another one can only benefit from my heart naturally generous, this benefit would be a lot greater if I can remember what they did “selflessly” for me in the past…

My believed brothers and sisters, as your Leader I humbly want you to know that I am at the current moment ready to encounter any of you at anytime. I am ready to listen with both my ears and my heart to everything you may have to say in order for me to discern new perspectives.

The photos attached to this post are a sign made by me indicating that i listen to your words without any prejudice or discrimination.

I am free all day long and i am available both online and offline. So I beg you if you want me to listen to you let’s start please our discussions with a clear explanation of the events from the really beginning in Indonesia…

I am looking forward building a better understanding between all of us.

With the highest respect possible.

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