This is a message for the members in my public twitter list titled ” Vatican Quang luc vo ” , Speaker Pelosi and Mr Joe Biden were also added to this list today…

At your request i am addressing myself to you members in this list.
Your regular twitter posts are really good for short messages and they are obvious enough for me to understand them most of the time but for the longer messages i suggest that you attach documents or articles to your posts using the following method.
Within each article or document that you attach to your twitter post, i am going to take the fifth word of every sentence in order to reconstruct your original message.
You can see a example with the words underlined in the photo below which is a screenshot from the following article :

I will start listening to the people in the list mentionned above tonight at 8pm Abidjan time. Any radio show of your recommendation can also be added as a channel of communication for me to listen to you.

I am looking forward creating a better understanding between all of us.

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