Hello everyone

Today is Saturday June the 19th 2021.

My name is Quang luc Vo.

Some of you may know me but some don’t and this is for the one in the second category that i am making this post today.
I am a 33 years old blogger from the country of Ivory Coast.
So far i have been advocating for human rights on various social medias but on July the 31st 2021 i am going to release my official platform at the link below :

We are living in times of revelations and it happens that since few years i am at the forefront of several events ongoing worldwide.
During this period just out of compassion even for the ungrateful i have decided to use my moral authority in order to help the people.
If you made it to my website today this is the will of The Most High and you are welcome here.
Do not be like the people who did not listen to Noah.

In this section you are going to find all my most recent official statements.
Words have power, so i am recommending you to constantly stay up to date with this section.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

By Quang luc Vo

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