Hello my beloved brothers and sisters,

It’s me Quang luc vo.

Today is July the 3rd 2021.

I would like to introduce you to the esoteric use of Cinnamon.
Cinnamon is a tropical tree from which are extracted the bark.
The bark is then turned into powder or cut into small sticks that are then sold in your grocery stores.

Everyone has eaten some cinnamon at one point or another in their lives. It has a intense flavor that can be used in the cooking of both savory and sweet recipes.

Most of you are certainly not aware of the other natural properties of Cinnamon.

So today I am going to introduce you to a new perspective of your reality.

Cinnamon has been used by the Jews since centuries as a ingredient for their anointing oil as well as many other cultures around the world.

It has the esoteric properties of creating balance in the yin and yang of your body. It is a plant used for blessings, it attracts the energies of success, protection, luck and love in your life and it repulse negativity.

How can you use cinnamon ?

In both it’s power and stick forms you can put it in your tea and drink it.
You can use it as a smudging incense. To do so so just put a stick or some cinnamon powder on top a piece of charcoal and light it. You can burn the cinnamon also using a simple candle flame.
Finally, you can put some cinnamon sticks at every corner, door and window of your house.

Cinnamon is good for clairvoyance and arousing your psyche. This is why many awaken people use it as a versatile ingredient in their crafts.

I am inviting to learn more about cinnamon and the plants that are a gift of nature available everywhere for us.
It only depends of your curiosity in order for you to take them and study their properties.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

By Quang luc Vo

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