Today I am exposing you the state of this department and the state of the competence of the officers who were deposited to be in charge of these services and who are enriched at the expense of the Ivorian taxpayer.

This is why thus says the Holy One of Israel: since you reject this word, trust yourselves in violence and detours and take them for your support,
– Isaiah 30:12

Jesus said to him, Because you saw me, you believed;  blessed are those who have not seen and who have believed.
– John 20:29

My beloved brothers and sisters, at the start of 2020, I began the process n order to obtain my national identity card.  I went to ONECI for the first time since my return to Côte d’Ivoire.
There I found a mass of people waiting to be served and I had the opportunity to hear their testimonies.  At that time I hadn’t taken all these things that I heard seriously because I was tired.  After waiting all day when I was finally among the first at the head of the line to submit my file, a manager entered the office and when he came out we were told that operations are closed for today and that we have to go home and come back another day …

Some people turned around but me I refused, I protested and asked for my file to be taken.  After a long wait in front of the door, I was finally allowed to enter the office and I submitted my application for an identity card.  To do this I handed over all the legal documents as well as the payment stamp.
Unfortunately this is not everyone’s luck as many had to turn around after their long waits and completely humiliated.
This is only a natural and regular thing for the members of the ONECI service and the filing of the file is only a small part of the ordeal of the Ivorian people wanting to be enrolled ….

Normally in Côte d’Ivoire, at the official level, the identity card is issued within a short period of time and in the meantime you will not be given an identity certificate as well as a receipt.
I took my receipt and my certificate after my visit to the police station of the 14th arrondissement in Abobo.  It is a police station under the direction of the police commissioner Mr Cyrille Omuald Sangaré.
A police station still under the direction of this same individual today.

1 year and 5 months after my registration request, my identity certificate has now expired, as is also the case for thousands of Ivorians …

My very recent visit at ONECI, after all this time, was not at all different from the first despite the system put in place on the internet to supposedly facilitate enrollment …
Always the same crowd and the same testimonies.
Some people have been applying for years … but they still haven’t received their IDs until now.
Others only get it in a few months.
Some receive it by coming on site, some others receive it only after receiving a message from ONECI ….

A gentleman in my presence received his message but after verification by ONECI agents he was told that his identity card is still not available.
My neighbor showed me the message that he received but he was worried if he would actually receive his identity card or not …
All these people, just like me, go back and forth to ONECI each time at their own expense and at the expense of their personal and professional occupations.

After waiting my turn finally arrived, a woman of the staff returned my receipt to me without even saying a word then she turned her head with a nonchalant look to chat with her colleagues like nothing was wrong … I had to go up to her to ask her for explanations and she told me in a haughty tone that my ID card is not available … This is how the Ivorians are treated by ONECI for whom they are hired to be of service.

In the crowd there were people of all ages, young and old, and of all genders, women and men.  No one that I met, I repeat no one that I met, was in a good mood and that says a lot about the satisfaction rate of the population …

How long will it take before something is done despite all the hundreds of complaints daily?

The general management of ONECI has been under Mr Kafana Sitionni for 2 years.
This agency is governed by Mr Vagondo Diomandé, Minister of the Interior and Security for 2 years also.
This gentleman is a faithful of his excellence Alassane Dramane Ouattara president of Ivory Coast.

We all know that the issuance of administrative documents has become a weapon in the hands of politicians and many can attest to that.
Since my arrival, I have been pressured to stay in Ivory Coast but in view of the situation of my identity card still not issued it seems behind the facades that my voluntary and purifying presence is no longer favorable to certain people … but I let the Ivorian people being witness draw the conclusions themselves from the events.

For 2 years, that is to say when I submitted my enrollment request, Mr. Vagondo Diomandé and Mr. Kafana Sitionni were in charge.
For 2 years, that is to say during my second recent visit, Mr Vagondo Diomandé and Mr Kafana Sitionni are still in charge and the state of things is exactly the same …

How long will it take before something is done despite all the hundreds of complaints daily?

In need of an identity document, today I went to Abobo to the 14th arrondissement police station to inquire about the renewal of my identity certificate, a document which is legally supposed to be temporary …

In this police station I met the same officers that I met last year and I asked them for information.  These officers are the same who asked me to pay a bribe of 5000 FCFA last year despite that I had all the necessary legal documents … I was not alone that day there were other individuals to whom was asked exactly the same thing.

From these officers today I therefore requested information for the renewal of my certificate.
First, I was told that there is no more sheet available …
Then with my persistence I was told that we must give again a birth certificate, a certificate of nationality, a receipt and pay new fees …
Yet all these documents have already been delivered the first time and it is for this reason that we are all given a official receipt for these documents …

To provide the certificate of nationality, it must be done at the courthouse, a place where without bribe your documents unfortunately will not come out.

To provide the birth certificate, you have to go to the town hall, a place where I was asked to pay a bribe too.

In the end, when you come back to the police station for your certificate with all your necessary documents, you have to pay a bribe also …

It is the unfortunate circuit that all Ivorians are forced to undergo at each instance.  And it is the moral that the people named who are currently in office want to maintain in the population and in the new generations.

What are Mr Vagondo Diomandé and Mr Kafana Sitionni doing after 2 years in charge of their services despite their incompetence?
So what does Mr Cyrille Omuald Sangaré do after 2 years in charge of his service despite the corruption organized inside his workplace?

As your leader I reiterate my support to all honest police and public officers of Côte d’Ivoire in all the problems they encounter in the course of their service for the nation.
I know it is not an easy job, from police academy to retirement I know the risks you take in putting your lives forward so you deserve sincere public recognition.
The Ivory Coast just needs more people like you and for you to be a majority in your workforce.

My Ivorian brothers and sisters, I ask you to refuse all kinds of bribes from today which are asked to you by following the simple procedure which is provided on my platform at the following address:

I also ask you to speak out against all kinds of mismanagement of public funds in an open manner.

Be grouped otherwise the truth is that the isolated complaints that you make will never get you nowhere.

Do not be afraid because you are the people and these people are all working for you.

May God bless Côte d’Ivoire.

Thank you.

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