When you have power you can either use it to harm or you can use to heal.
You can use it to build or you can it to destroy.
But the worst thing you can do is to refuse to use it because it means that you simply do not deserve to hold it…

As your Leader I will be praying every morning for the sake of 10 random people because despite my own torments other people around the world are greatly suffering and they need a desperate help that is not immediately available to them.

They are praying and I hope that through my advocacy some of them are going to heard.

Below if the list of platforms on which I have registered and from where I am going to draw the prayers request.




Fill free to join them or if you want to be sure that I will notice you feel free to email me directly using my websites.

– I am with you. –

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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