My beloved brothers and sisters, starting from tomorrow during a period of one week I will be making posts in order to present my country of birth Ivory Coast as I believe it deserves.

Ivory Coast is a place which just as Israel was cherished by Jesus, will always be cherished by my person.
It is a place that is going to be protected no matter where I stay in the world as long as your Leader I am able to do so and by all means necessary.

Following this announcement and the announcement of my fondation in Ivory Coast that will change forever the country, i think Ivory Coast is a country bearing many advantages and opportunities for whoever around the world that has the intelligence necessary to be here first.

I want to remind to the local authorities in Ivory Coast that as a citizen born in Ivory Coast it is my full right to claim the country as my own anytime I choose to and to enforce it.

“Going where ?” 

“Choosing what ?”

Tell them when they deal with me to know their places.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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