My beloved Ivorian brothers and sisters, I made you a promise …
While waiting for the resolution of this case, I am exploring all the possibilities available to me in order to materialize this project.
For this purpose, several ideas were suggested to me by the Red formation …
At first I was reluctant because of some negative prejudices but after my extensive research I understood that these ideas that were suggested to me are completely in accordance with the teachings of the Bible.

The Lord goes through several channels in order to bless his people.  As your leader, only in the collective interest, I have the hope that a blessing will be manifested through my lottery draw every Wednesday and that in this way I will be able to take the preliminary steps of the foundation.

Being fully aware of all the natural and extraordinary means … available to certain powers existing in this world the possibility of success of these kinds of ideas does not surprise me at all as your leader.  This is the reason why I am satisfied to act on these ideas which come to me and I do not jump on conclusions without having proof …

We work for the Ivory Coast.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless you and protect you.

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