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First of all I would like to reiterate my choice of the color red and the fact that nothing is going to change that.
God forbid the necessity for me to engage in wars just in order for my choice to be respected…
All my thanks to the ones among you who have understood this and are ready to collaborate in this direction which hopefully is going to be beneficial for all of us.

Secondly it came to my understanding that despite the will of most of you we have now reached the period for the beginning of a new school year.
As you already know it is not my wish for the same situation i have been through so far to continue any longer and this is mainly the reason why we are all currently discussing.
Please understand that i am not just looking to be relocated in another place and go through the exact same ordeals…

If a form of school must continue it must therefore be attended by me “in person”, I must be informed of all the rules of this school, my rights and duties as a scholar and I must give my agreement to them before my enrollment to this school even beginnings. As you can imagine yourselves failure to do so can only generate the continuity of conflicts between us.
So it is my hope that these points are going to be fixed in our formal agreement.

Finally i have noticed that everytime I engage myself in our discussions I am being victim of some attacks here.
Therefore I am urging the perpetrators to stop their attacks on me if it is their will that we reach a conclusion in our affairs the same way it is my will as your leader.
I am also demanding to my interlocutors to denounce anyone making obstacles to these discussions in order for me to “promptly” take the actions which are necessary to stop them with the tampering of our process

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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