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Following your comments concerning the speed of our communications I have installed the media channels that were recommended in your posts as follow :

Havent > EWTN + WSFI local
Edna > CBC radio one ontario
Adrian > radio France Info
Fabien> all India radio
Mountain (Jewish gematria) > Russia today TV broadcast

I am going to look for which programs on these channels are more suitable for a faster dialogue and your recommendations are also welcome.

I acknowledge your proposal and my answer to you is that no matter the name of the establishment within your institution where I will officially exercise my responsibilities for the sake of God and the people, the most important is that I will still benefit from the prerogatives which are entitled to the leader of the red formation.

On the topic of abortion my view is aligned with the view of the Catholic Church and be assured that now and moving forward i am going to defend this sacred view using all the means at my disposal.

You already know my deep compassion for the whole of God’s creation therefore as explained recently in my official statements, providing ways for the respect of our planet ecosystem while at the same time respecting the economical subsistance and positioning of the nations of the world is a priority in my agenda. With all the means at disposal and some regulation, I am convinced that miracles can continue to be achieved.

As your interlocutor it is my duty to let you know that I am having conversations with several other entities, some of them are also making me very interesting offers concerning the rest of my career at the service of the Most High God.
My ears are therefore open to your voice on the EWTN and WSFI radio channel until the conclusion of our affairs which I hope is going to be as beneficial for your establishment as it will be for me.

With the utmost respect.

Thank you.

After having been reelected as the Prime Minister of your country I can see that you have some ambitious projects in the interest of the Canadian people but you are lacking the means in order to fulfill most of them.
I am really eager to help the Canadian people through your agency but many of the informations that I am requesting so far are difficult for me to discern in our communications.
Additionally several entities have highlighted the month of October as being the period when a deal is going to be formalized for me so I would like to discuss with you concerning all the things that are implied if I am giving you my support today.

Therefore my ears are open to you for a direct dialogue on CBC radio one or another radio channel of your preference that you will indicate to me. And the sooner we do that the better so I can provide you my support.

# Adrian.
It comes to my understanding that there has been a change in your offer. My zone of residence is not a problem as long as I obtain the color of my choice and the seat of my choice,… which you offered to me at the beginning of our talks.

If Marseille is ready to receive the opportunities coming with my presence i do not object staying in there.
It also seems that as a mediator you are offering me to go further to the UK, something really interesting for me.

You have some plans in order to help the people of Marseille elevating their conditions to another level which cost up to 1.5 billion euros. 
I respect this initiative that you are making for the people, I believe knowing the budget of the government helped you in your decision.
As the leader of the red formation i wish I knew my budget as well in order to take quicker decisions and I humbly ask you please to help me in this direction.

Additionally as announced I am offering you a direct discussion through the channel of radio France Info.

# Fabien.
I do not think that physiology and natural medicine “in themselves” are contrary to the tradition of the bible to which I adhere and mostly I do not think that they are contrary to the will of the Creator of the universe.
I am rejoicing myself of the economical success of India in it’s march to become a 5 trillion dollars economy.
I saw several figures higher than that during my discussions with the USA so in order to facilitate our discussions i am awaiting from you please confirmation that this figure correspond to the amount that I am entitled to manage or any other informations that you can provide about this matter.
Until the month of October my ears are listening to your voice and we can discuss through the live broadcasts of all India radio.

# Mountain. (Jewish gematria)
I consider the Orthodox Church as being the home of God at the same title as any other Christian Church…
The situation with our partners in Germany and Europe can certainly be solved. And for this reason until the month of October in the hope that we can form a agreement I will be opening the dialogue with the mentionned actors in order to hear if they have any objection to it.
I will keep paying attention to the informations that you send me and through the intermediary of Russia today I will be dialoguing with you if the need be.

#I am the one.
It comes to my understanding that your plan only comes into action in 2022.
I respect your ambition towards the people of Papua who really need it.
I will keep on paying attention to the informations that you send me for the conclusion of this affair in the hope that later on at one point in time we are going to form a agreement .

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

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