Yesterday I expressed my concerns about the daily attacks that i am suffering everytime I start involving myself in making our negotiations move forward. This morning, despite what I said the day before, the same attacks are happening making me understand that the perpetrators have no will at all to stop unless actions are taken…

My beloved brothers and sisters, In order to solve a problem it is important first to know it’s source.
Therefore I am humbly asking to my allies and future partners to let me know the identity of our enemies being the source of these attacks on my person.

Otherwise I am firmly afraid that starting from this exact moment until this information is finally made known to me I will not be able to continue with our talks.

You already know how I used to handle our affairs before the negotiation began and my effort today is simply to avoid having to go to the same situation. Therefore as allies I am paying attention to your comments.

Thank you for your help.

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