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My beloved brothers and sisters, following my choices we have reached a time when decision have to be made by all of us concerning what is going to happen next.
In order to facilitate the dialogue I have opened a channel of communication between me and some of the government’s who have manifested a interest in becoming the receptacle of the grace and blessings of the Lord.

Few weeks ago I made a promise to the people of Ivory Coast in order to assist the population and direct the country toward a path of light that has never been seen before using my God given authority to which I am really grateful for.
This same destiny is the destiny of all the territories where I will be invited to by the local authorities to establish my presence as your Leader.

Social and economical problems are going to addressed.
Reconnaissance must be given by the people to these governments who invite me and wish for this golden path to become the destiny of their citizens.

I am humbly asking the regulators of these territories to be truthful and honest during our discussions. You already know my qualities as a righteous and compassionate person, so instead of aiming for some benefits in the short term… please aim to receive my friendship so that you can benefit in the long term. Ubuntu, I am because you are.

To facilitate the discussions you already have a idea of my thinking in the following document :


This document is not official and is subject to changes but it may be useful for you.

Once a day i will ask you for some questions and also answer to your queries by posting on this Twitter account : @quangdiscussion .

In each of my posts there, the name of the country government to which I am addressing myself will be encoded in the first sentence of the post using the gematria code that I provide you at the end of this text.
It’s unfortunate that we must rely on this type of rudimentary ways of communication but it’s not my fault and i try my best within the conditions that were given to me in order to exercise my duties.

– Gematria :

I will use this website https://www.gematrix.org/
The encoding cypher is the english gematria provided on the website.

Example of one my post :
In this example Indonesia has a English gematria value of 540 as you can see in the screenshot below :

” God Has Come. (First sentence = 540 = Indonesia)
I do agree with your idea but I believe you should think about the people of Singaraja. (My message to the government of Indonesia)”


I am looking forward hearing from you.

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