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Hello my beloved brothers and sisters,

How are you doing today ?

I would like to thank my audience and everybody that has been following me so far on my social medias.
Many years have passed since the day I uploaded my first text and my first video to address myself to you my beloved brothers and sisters.

Right now as you already know I am working on building a stable platform that is going to host in a more organized manner all the posts that i am making online, still for you.
For this reason since few weeks I have not been as available on my social medias as I used to be and I would like to apologize for that.

Great powers mean great responsibilities and as your Leader I fully claim and embrace my power and my responsibilities.
At this moment i am doing my best with the means at my disposal in order to help the people.
As you can see by yourselves even with all my efforts It is still not a easy task to achieve but despite all the obstacles we are moving. Yes one step at the time.

Ubuntu, I am because you are.

In my task of trying to helping you in the best of my ability I have started contacting the people.
Beside my sisters, i have to note that I am not receiving any help from all the people that I have been contacting so far.
Whether it is from the conspiracy theory and truth speakers community or it is from the crypto block chain community, no help has been coming from any of them so far.

Despite that one step at the time we keep moving forward as you can see by yourselves and the truth is once again that it is only thanks to my own efforts as your Leader and the efforts of my sisters.
At least this is the only way it has been going so far.

Soon I am going to start again contacting people from various background but before I do so I need it to be known and understood that I am not contacting you as a victim and to complain at all.

As your Leader personally I already claimed my power and I am contacting you only in order to offer you some opportunities that you can access throught my person and my authority.
So please if I contact you and you do not feel like seizing this chance do not expect me to ever be contacting you again.
We keep moving forward.

Now, my beloved brothers and sisters, I want you to take the time to think.
What do you believe is going to happen next ? Please take your time…

So as you can see, being in touch with me is not at all what you should be afraid of. Sincerely if you want to be logical, it is the opposite. You have many more things to be more afraid of.

As your Leader I have already announced to you what my platform is going to offer. If you want to be with me then I have made myself available to you.

Once again thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

By Quang Luc Vo

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