Hello everyone,

My beloved brothers and sisters, would you stay silent if you saw someone dying and in need of your help right in front of you ? Please wait until i finish before answering my question.

1 million of people, this is the number of Uyghur which have been reduced to lesser than human beings in the republic of China, this number is the equivalent of the population of San Jose in California.

71% , this is allegedly the percentage of the national wealth controlled by the top 1% in the republic of Russia.

9 years old, this is the age at which charges have been prosecuted against individuals who received the death sentence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Between 1.5% and 5% , this is the percentage of the Catholic Clergy which has been allegedly involved in child abuses cases all around the world.

Now you can answer my question, would you stay silent if you saw someone dying and in need of help right in front of you ?

If your answer is NO then you are with me.
If your answer is Yes then please leave this website and never come back again.

In this section you are going to find all my most recent advocacies for the respect of the human rights all around the world.
Every month i am going to send a open letter to the leaders of our worlds in order to remind them their duties towards their citizens.

If you care about a better future you should also claim your power with me.

Thank you.

May the Creator bless and protect you.

By Quang luc Vo

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